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Non-Refundable Deposit

Price: £10.00
Product Details

Please pay a non-refundable deposit for a custom order.

Delivery & Returns Policy
As the order is a custom one, it will not be possible to refund your deposit.
Products for Sale by Arcadia Guitars

The Underground Life CD

Price: £5.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
The Underground Life CD comprising of songs composed and performed by Josh aka The Mighty Aslan. You can hear a small sample by going to The Mighty Aslan on Sound Cloud to hear Josh perform The Storm..

Iconic Route 66 Handcrafted Guitar

Price: £70.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
A handcrafted three string guitar with a unique sound and which can be played acoustically or electrically. This popular design can be played using a plectrum and slide, ensuring you can produce the sound..

Online Purchase Guitar and Case

Price: £95.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Your guitar is ready for dispatch. I look forward to receiving the payment so it can be sent out to you. Many thanks Arcadia Guitars UK

Wooden Box Diddly Bo

Price: £45.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
A handcrafted, wooden box diddly bo based on a cigar box design. This unique one string guitar has a great sound, enhanced by tiny air holes. It will come with a finger slide and plectrum. A name or other..