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Advertise With Us - Events, Products, Venues Or Services

Stall & Craft Collective offers an online no-commission marketplace for stallholders and customers, with an extensive list of upcoming events, craft fairs and craft markets in your local area, together with interviews, news and updates features.

Event organisers are able to register and advertise all of their events for free, whilst registering as a stallholder costs from just £15.00 per year.

We do however now have additional paid for advertisement opportunities which we are confident will be of interest to you.

We are delighted to inform you that we have now made it possible for you to place an advertisement on the Stallholders page, the Events page, The Marketplace page, the ‘In The Spotlight’ page, or on the individual Event listings we have within the Stall & Craft Collective website.

Your advert will be added within a specially designed section of your chosen page within a time frame of your choice.

A large image, informative narrative, a web link, and a randomised order of listed adverts are all part of the package that provide that extra and welcome push to increase the success of an existing event, publicise the arrival of a new event, advertise venues available to book for events, or promote your product or service.

Our prices are as follows:

To place an advert on the Stallholder Page to the left of the Stallholder listings - £10.00 per month

To place an advert on the main Event Listing Page to the left of the event listings - £10.00 per month

To place an advert on the The Marketplace Listings Page to the left of the Marketplace items listed for sale - £10.00 per month

To place an advert on the ‘In The Spotlight’ Page to the right of the news features - £10.00 per month

In addition to the above you can also target your advert on a geographical basis by choosing a county or counties if you do not want UK wide coverage.

Your advert would be placed within the event landing page of your chosen county or counties as well as the individual listed events we have in those counties. We have landing pages for the entire UK.

This means that every time an individual views an event listed within your specified county or counties they would also view your advert. All adverts are positioned in a randomised order for every unique visit.  

The cost is just £5.00 per county per month or £25.00 per month for as many counties as is relevant to your advertisement, including full UK coverage if desired.

We can also offer a package whereby your advert is placed on the Stallholder, Event & Marketplace main pages and within all the Event listings and landing pages we have for just £55.00 per month.

With the £55.00 fee we would also create a feature for you for our ‘In The Spotlight’ section including social media shares and coverage.

Just look through the pages of our website to view the different adverts we currently have and choose which page or pages best suit your advert.

We can also tailor custom packages to your specific budget should you so wish so please just tell us what your budget is and we can then further discuss what we can offer.

How do you take advantage of this great offer?  Well, that’s easy!  Just email us at info@stallandcraftcollective.co.uk asking for details and setting out your requirements and we’ll come straight back to you with all the information you need, together with any help and advice we can offer.

Alternatively, just call us on 07866-612697 and ask for Mark and we can have a friendly informative chat about how we can help you.

Don’t worry, contacting us won’t mean you have committed yourself to anything; it just means you have more information in order to make an informed choice now or in the future.

So please give us your preferred pages, or counties and time period required so we can provide you with all the information you require to make a decision, and don't worry about cost because you can start to advertise from just £5.00 per month.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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