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Sponsor This Page
We are now offering a unique opportunity to sponsor a page on Stall & Craft Collective.
This page name will be changed to the name of your company as will the pages URL and meta descriptions.
Your page will have a main link at the top of the home page as well as a quick link on every page we currently have on the website so that runs into twenty thousand plus pages!
The page will also contain eye catching narrative and images about your company as well as all relevant links and contact information.
As part of the package we will also create adverts for you that will be present on the most prominent positions of our website.
The advert will have a large image, informative narrative, and a web link of your choosing.
We will also create and publish a number of special features for you on the website and our social media platforms for you at no extra cost.
Just email us at info@stallandcraftcollective.co.uk asking for details and setting out your requirements and we’ll come straight back to you with all the information you need, together with any help and advice we can offer. 
Alternatively, just call us on 07866-612697 and ask for Mark and we can have a friendly informative chat about how we can help you. 
Don’t worry, contacting us won’t mean you have committed yourself to anything; it just means you have more information in order to make an informed choice now or in the future. 
Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you soon.