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Stallholder, Event, Car Boot and Market Organiser Insurance - Graham Sykes Insurance


Stallholder Insurance

Helping to remove the uncertainty and risk from your business. This policy provides Public Liability Indemnity for Exhibitors and Stallholders.

·         Public Liability Cover from £2 million to £5 million Online – Call for Higher Levels

·         Attractive Low Cost Premiums 

·         Annual Policy – So if you work for 7 days a week you are covered

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Event Insurance – Single and Multiple Events

For organisers of Events, Exhibitions, Country Fairs, Village Fetes, Static Shows and much, much more with attractive low premiums.

·         Public Liability Cover from £1 million to £5 million Online – Just Call for Higher Levels

·         Employer’s Liability up to 30 volunteers Online – Call for increased numbers

·         Event Equipment and Property up to £50,000 Online – Call for Higher Levels

·         Cancellation Cover up to £50,000 Online – Higher Levels Available

·         Stock Cover Available Online

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             If your Event type does not show in our extensive list please give us a call and we will do our best to help.


Car Boot and Market Organiser Insurance – Single and Multiple Markets

Our insurance scheme is tailor made especially for this type of risk. Did you know that:

·         Some Car Boot Sale insurance policies require ALL stallholders to have their own Public Liability cover – If they don’t the cover is null and void!

·         This causes problems for private individuals and casual sellers at your Markets

·         Our Policy DOES NOT have this restriction so making your life easier to attract more customers and sellers to your event

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Love it or hate it, we all need to protect ourselves against risks that we cannot afford to pay for ourselves. Whether you sell handmade jewellery or put on an event, if it involves people you will need to deal with the risk of bodily injury or damage.

I could write a book on the number of different views and experiences people have told me over the years, some lucky escapes and some not so lucky! Let’s face it, buying insurance is probably one of the only things you buy up front, before you have earned any money, and you really hope that it is a complete waste of time.

So what’s in it for me? Well that depends on how much money you have already, self-insurance, where you pay for everything that goes wrong is certainly an option, but only if you are allowed to in any contract you agree to. Most of us however, could not afford to pay for the fees and ongoing care that a person needs if they get injured and that does not include the legal costs!

The best and worst stories of all are the ones that begin with the statement “my mate says I need” or “I have spoken to an insurance guy and he just tried to sell me” - both statements strike fear into my heart because the bottom line is you carry the can!

Buying insurance is all about two things, firstly, having someone else decide if it was actually your fault and secondly, not having to give up your livelihood should the worst happen. These may sound harsh but when you think about it, your actions may have had some nasty consequences. The other thing of course is it might not have been your fault.

Insurance policies are set up as “good faith’ contracts, this means you must tell the insurer or broker everything they need to know about the cover you want, it is important to answer any questions as fully as possible. Whilst you might have a cheaper premium by leaving out important information, if someone tries to make a claim against you then you may have to pay the whole claim yourself, including those legal costs.

Okay I am Interested, What Should I do Next?

Arranging insurance should not be something that takes a lot of time, when you are planning your event or stall you should be able to spot the things that might make you worry. Keeping insurance in mind when you are planning will help you explain to your broker or insurer exactly what you might need. Remember, arranging insurance is about getting the right cover in the first place.

Some things that are in your event or on your stall you might decide not to cover, the most important choices in deciding what to cover is if the worst should happen, can I pay for this myself?

So let’s take a couple of paragraphs to look at the risks you might be taking, the most important ones are those that have the biggest payouts. So looking after people should be at the top of your list, these people might be customers at your stall or visitors to your event, they could also be people who work with you, please do not forget that this would include volunteers and helpers as well as those you might pay.

On many occasions I have been told by customers that they are my best friend or neighbour so they would not want to be covered. In cases like these I would ask you to consider the conversation you might have if, as a result of being a great friend or amazing neighbour, something happened that would make their lives very difficult and you could not afford to help them, worst still if this happened and it was not actually your fault but someone else’s. Insurance companies are there to help sort out things like these so you don’t have to.

Other things you might want to consider are what would be the cost to you or your committee if the event had to be cancelled and you have to pay costs to the owners of the site or suppliers of equipment. This type of cover can be included in your conversation with your broker or insurer.

Next on your list might be protecting the equipment you might need, this may belong to you or you could hire it in. Your stock may be difficult or time consuming to replace, if anything happened to it either at the event or when you are taking it there or bringing it home you can arrange for this to be covered.

One final word of caution, insurers will expect you to take all reasonable precautions to prevent claims from happening, so please take the time to plan your event or stall carefully to protect yourself and those around you. Paying very low premiums is one thing, but if that has been at the expense of not looking at the things that might go wrong, then you really could be wasting your time and money. The vast majority of us in the insurance industry are there to support you, it could be one of the best fifteen minute conversations you ever have.

I hope you have found this helpful, all that now remains is to wish you every success with your events or stalls, after all some of the biggest High Street names started from a place similar to the one you are planning.

Now you know it’s all up to you, with a little help from your friends of course.

Good luck!

Graham Sykes of Graham Sykes Insurance