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New Fashion Super Chunky Wool by Wool Craft

Price: £3.00
Product Details
Two Balls of New Fashion Super Chunky wool by Wool Craft. Purple. Brand New. Never been touched. 100g balls. I accept Paypal or Bank Cards.
Delivery & Returns Policy
I will only accept returns if the goods have not been damaged or used by the Purchaser.
Products for Sale by Violets and Lace Crafts

Magical Christmas Treasury

Price: £4.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
A brand new book. Never been touched. Would make a perfect gift for a child. Came straight from the Publisher.

Brain Games for Clever Kids

Price: £3.50
Delivery & Returns Policy
A book for the Kids! Do they have to be Clever? I don't think so! It's brand new. Never been touched. I accept PAYPAL AND BANK CARDS. UK Only

Shower Scrub

Price: £5.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
This is a hand crochet Shower Scrub. Made from Multi Coloured Thick Cotton, you can use it over and over again in your shower. When you have finished, just rinse it under the shower, don't squeeze it..

Hand Made Hair Scrunchie

Price: £2.50
Delivery & Returns Policy
A Hand Made Scrunchie. Crochet in pure cotton. Different shades which run into each other as you can see in the picture. Hand wash and then dry naturally. Please don't tumble though. I accept PAY..

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