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McDuthu Fine Art Delux

Contact: Christelle Momini
Counties: Greater Manchester, North Yorkshire
Contact Number: 07403290929
Product Types
Art & Design, Recycled, Ethical, Fair Trade & Organic , Handbags and Accessories, Embroidery
Company Overview
Mcduthu is a Contemporary Visual Art Design & Textiles Company based in Manchester Uk.
We work as a Freelance Artist Designer focus in Textile, Homeware accessories, Kitchenware, Lifestyle accessories and Ethical Textile. Inspire by contemporary Futuristic and geometric form, our design inspiration comes from a strong interest in Architecture geometric shape and futurism art movement, for a vibrant colour for contemporary design context.
From drawing to painting, using abstract art and repeat pattern, we make a fabric with Organic and Fibre Bio materials, We design Handbags and Accessories.
As a planet-friendly,
We are a sustainable and Eco-Friendly company.
McDuthu Fine Art Delux
184 Stamford street Central
0L6 7LR
Products & Services
Homeware - Ketchenware - Lifestyle including ( Lingerie design, handbags design, Organic Children's wear and Sustainable Clothing.
Garment & Brand Identity Creation Textile design and print.
Art & Craft & Sewing Classes for Teenager and Adult
Company Profile
A Contemporary Artist Designer & Textile based in Manchester.
Working as a Freelance Artist Designer & Textile.
Born in Cameroon and grew up in France Paris, I has always being fascinating by the fashion designer Alexander McQueen and Iris Van Herpen.
Over the past years of studying Art & Designer and Fashion & Textiles, she found her direction researched into combining Art movement such as the Bauhaus and particular Mondrian, with architecture and contextual fashion.
Christelle main project is focus on a Sustainability and organic Bio fibre fabric for Kid Wears Design and accessories.
On my work, I explores the powerful and visual stimulating relationship between colour Art & Digital Design. From Painting and pattern, I creates my own fabric, dye with natural organic colour paint.
My influence derives from a strong interest in architecture geometric shape and futurism art movement.
For a vibrant colour for contemporary fashion context.
I am developing a new collection for kid & Teenagers combining art and fashion on the collection & inspiring by the Architectural Fashion.
I Inspired by contemporary futuristic and geometric form, the work produce took the start character of modern architecture to define a form of the design, shape, pattern, photographic of cuts corner building and geometric style, using sumptuous rich, vibrant colours to make the colour palette stand out.
I am interested in designing kid wear apparel and accessories with organic fabric and natural materials.
The last exhibition took place on 23 November 2018 and will be on going every year on the appropriate date at Parallax Art Fair Britannia hotel Piccadilly Manchester.
The next Exhibition will be at Autumn Fair in Birmingham.
I am very happy to being part of Stall Craft collective.
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New Products
I always designing New products all Handmade, made in UK
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Handbags and purse
Price: £298.00
Delivery: £8.50
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Handbags hand made in uk