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Chilling by the fire. Spray paint and brush work.

Price: £300.00
Product Details
Painted by me, Darkel Frider in 2023. A mix of spray paint with brush work for the finer detail.

Rescued timber frame, made to look a bit rough. Like I imagine one would in the wild west.

About 70cm x 70cm fitted with gallery plates for fixing to a wall.

Other paintings also available, see my website for more info and pics.
Delivery & Returns Policy
Come and have a look before you purchase. Collect at point of sale. If you have managed

to persuade me to deliver, payment will need to be up front.
Products for Sale by Darkel Frider ART

Gorilla Spray painted Canvas - DARKEL FRIDER

Price: £200.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
1 of 1 Recycled Canvas and Timber, Red woodland painting, A Gorilla being all modern and stuff. Inspired by an event organiser at the Africa Oye concert I attended with this piece and a few others in..

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