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Gorilla Spray painted Canvas - DARKEL FRIDER

Price: £200.00
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Recycled Canvas and Timber, Red woodland painting, A Gorilla being all modern and stuff.

Inspired by an event organiser at the Africa Oye concert I attended with this piece and a few others in 2023.

Name - IT Starts

Spray painted on canvas

Frame - wood 3"x2" off-cuts

Size 65cm x 65cm x 4cm

Currently fitted with brass galley plate fixings (for hanging)
Collection from WA11: £0.00 (+£0.00 each additional item)
Delivery & Returns Policy
I prefer not to post anything I would rather drive it to you myself. I have chosen COLLECTION ONLY as you can see before you pay. If you are happy then it's all yours. With regards to me delivering the item, if within St Helens or close by free delivery as long as payment has been made and is cleared. I can still refund at this point however if I have had to travel too far this will be at my cost and will need to be covered (unless under special circumstances) Long distance deliveries will be charged at my usual hourly rate and as such you'd be far better off collecting. I'd rather be painting than driving... and who wouldn't.. If any product should fail within a reasonable time frame I will also refund on return of the Item. I cannot refund if you just don't want it any more however i may buy it back but only for what it would cost me to reproduce. If this is all a bit too confusing, welcome to my world : ) message me, for a more personalised collection / delivery plan. Thank you.
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Chilling by the fire. Spray paint and brush work.

Price: £300.00
Delivery From: £0.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Painted by me, Darkel Frider in 2023. A mix of spray paint with brush work for the finer detail. Rescued timber frame, made to look a bit rough. Like I imagine one would in the wild west. About 70cm..

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