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Workshop : Trade, Art, Design And Craft Fairs: How Do I Grow My Creative Business?
Posted on: 26.10.2016 by Crafts Council
Advice On The Logistics That Need To Be Considered On The Types Of Audiences At Craft Fairs, How To Price Your Work And How To Market Yourself When Exhibiting At A Craft Fair
Workshops | 26.10.2016

Workshop : Trade, Art, Design And Craft Fairs: How Do I Grow My Creative Business?



03 November 2016 13:30 - 17:30




Everything you need to know about trade fairs and developing a presence in the market place

A half day workshop event on breaking down the barriers of a trade fair, comparing with traditional craft fairs, highlighting the logistics involved to prepare makers for the market place and to grow their business.

We are delighted that Margaret Bunn from British Crafts Trade fair will be offering her wealth of experience of trade and craft fairs.  This workshop will prepare you with the information you need to apply for future trade fairs.



Why should you attend?

  • Find out about the differences between retail and trade fairs and advice to support you in making the right choice for your creative business
  • Find out from key advisors on the logistics you need to consider in preparing for a craft fair and the potential cost implications
  • Find out about craft fairs aboard and how this could be a good option to expand your markets

Who is speaking?

  • Margaret Bunn from British Crafts Trade fair will be offering her wealth of experience on trade and craft fairs
  • Lynne Hutchinson established ceramicist based in North East of England has shown her work at both trade and retail craft fairs across the UK.  Lynne has a wealth of knowledge to offer makers who are asking: what are the best options for me in developing outlets for selling my work?
  • Stuart Akroyd, established glass artist in both UK and aboard, offering a wealth of experience and advice invaluable to makers both starting out and looking to develop their audiences further afield

What is on offer?

  • Advice on the logistics that need to be considered  on the types of audiences at craft fairs, how to price your work and how to market yourself when exhibiting at a craft fair
  • Inspirational speakers to advise and to help you realise more outlets for your creative business
  • The potential timescales involved in taking part in a craft fair, the different scales and potential audiences at certain craft fairs in UK and abroad and how to make the most of each opportunity to grow your business

What refreshments are provided on the day?

Tea and coffee will be provided at the start of the session and during the afternoon break.  

Trade, Art, Design and Craft Fairs: How do I grow my creative business? is part of a series of workshops and masterclasses designed by the Crafts Council



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