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WarriorChick Designs

Contact: Susanne Swanston
Counties: Greater Manchester, Lancashire
Product Types
Spiritual Gifts, Gothic, Steam Punk & Alternative, Psychic Reading, Recycled, Ethical, Fair Trade & Organic
Company Overview
Here at WarriorChick designs anything you buy from me will be made by myself and any reading or energy treatment you have will be done or sent by myself. I up-cycle where I can and I work intuitively with spirit and elementals so my work is very different. I do bespoke pieces and can wire wrap a broken ornament to hide the damage. All the work is my own and I try to be individual and unique in what I make.
Products & Services
Tarot readings: a variety of tarot readings covering different areas of your life.
Energy treatment; I like to steer away from saying healing because people think its a miracle cure and its to help you body recover quicker or just help you to relax. It is sent distantly
Sculptures; I make sculptures out of wire and anything you want to give me :)
Weddings, I do table centres in the form of sculptures for weddings OR if you have something you want to keep from your wedding like the cork or the people off the cake I can make it into a sculpture for you.
Company Profile
I am a single parent who is very spiritual and has had first hand experience of Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD, and Tourettes. I have opened this company so I can still work but stay at home with my son while he is at school. I have worked very hard to get where I am, and appreciate any feed back whether good or bad. I enjoy the work I do which makes it all the more special when someone appreciates my art enough to buy it. I am very spiritual and learning new things every day and am opening my own spiritual chat room very soon.
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New Products
Take a look at my new products and let me know what you think.
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Products for Sale by WarriorChick Designs
Guardian Angel Reading with Celestial Energy Sent
Price: £15.00
Delivery: £0.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
This reading is done using the Guardian Angel cards from Angela McGerr's Gold and Silver Guardian Angels. 3 cards are chosen for you from each set of cards, the gold, the silver and the key. I will read for you from these 3 cards and also I will pull..
Three Questions Email Reading
Price: £13.00
Delivery: £0.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
This reading is for 3 separate questions. I will use a mixture of tarot cards and my own Luna energy cards. When I have received your payment I will send you an email asking you for your questions then I will send your answers as soon as I can. This..
Energy Reading
Price: £15.00
Delivery: £0.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
This reading is done with Suzi's hand drawn set of oracle cards that connect to the moon and the stars and feminine energy. This reading will identify a problem in your life, and it will also identify the energy you need sending to you to help you. Once..
General Email Reading
Price: £25.00
Delivery: £0.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
This is a general reading using both tarot cards and my own Luna energy cards, and you get the chance to ask some questions about the reading after I've done this for a full 48 hours. Also with this you get a standard Core numbers numerology reading..