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Contact: Constantin Stoica
Counties: Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Greater London, Leicestershire, Greater London
Contact Number: 07443536688
Product Types
Fabric Items, Cakes & Baked Goods, Gifts, Handbags and Accessories, Handmade & Handcrafted, Home Decor, Jewellery, Graphics, Logos & Business Cards, Hair Accessories & Millinery
Company Overview
Vert Boutique is an online shop and the home of many hand crafted, unique and positive pieces of art. The concept offers a wide range of one of a kind, special products.
"My first creations were origami, then I started to craft gifts from different recycled materials but the passion kept growing and so I decided to participate in different fairs and flee markets dedicated to the handmade artists. For my first fair, which was a Christmas fair, I created Christmas balls decorated with pearls, crystals and lace. Vert Boutique project was launched in 2015 when I decided to show my creations also online and not only at fairs. At the beginning, the Vert creations could be found on Facebook and on my blog but once we moved into the UK I decided to open an online shop for reaching out to handmade lovers easier." (Elena - founder of Vert Boutique)
Products & Services
At Vert Boutique you can find unique, special and stylish jewelries (silver & pearls, wrapped copper wire & semiprecious stones, brooches with lace and charms and many others), fabric & jeans handbags, accessories, antiqued medieval travel journals, bakery products, raw vegan sugar free desserts, special advertising (custom made writing, signs and basically any shapes) and so on� Visit our updated online shop catalog with unique handmade products at http://www.vertboutique.co.uk/shop
Company Profile
" When Im not being a full time mother and working on my shop I love to cook, read a good book and travel. I find inspiration for my creations in everything around me. I like to believe that I can create anything and to surprise myself every time I do it. I inherit the passion for beautiful from my mother and my grand mother. I feel an immense joy every time I create a new object and I regard it as a piece of my soul, filled with all my passion and positivism. I urge to show it to my friends and family and get their feedback which is very encouraging and maybe this is also one of the reasons why I decided to grow my passion as a business too. Any hobby starts with passion. For me, it's the passion for things full of beatitude and positivism that could change my mood and my life for the better." (Elena - founder of Vert Boutique)
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Products for Sale by VERT BOUTIQUE
Handmade Leather Parchment Diary Journal
Price: £115.00
Delivery: £3.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Handmade parchment diary made from leather and antiquated paper.The diary has 100 A4 pages that can be easily replaced. Locking system is a leather cord.
Handmade Leather Travel Diary Journal
Price: £82.00
Delivery: £3.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Handmade travel diary made from engraved leather and antiquated paper.The diary has 320 A6 pages, a cord locking system with a vintage button.
Handmade Leather Quote Diary
Price: £69.00
Delivery: £3.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Handmade diary made from leather and antiquated paper.The diary has 100 A6 pages and a leather cord locking system.
Handmade Green Suede Peter Pan Diary Journal
Price: £123.00
Delivery: £3.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Handmade diary made from green suede and paper. The diary has 360 A5 pages and the locking system is made from a button and leather.