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Stallholders - Back In The Day Re-Enactment Furniture
Posted on: 29.04.2014 by Back In the Day Re-Enactment Furniture
Cata and Rogan's Journey So Far
West Midlands | 29.04.2014

Back In The Day are a partnership formed by Cata and Rogann after regular employment was lost due to illness. The business currently has three main areas of focus which we feel compliment each other incredibly well, being Rogann’s handmade re-enactment furniture, re-enactment items and collectibles, and home & garden furniture. These three areas include items salvaged and rescued, renovated and recycled and given a third life as something useful or beautiful and bringing back authentic methods of carpentry throughout the ages, skills which if we are not careful will be lost to future generations.

Back In The Day vary their stock per location and type of event so it is different every day, however, in the under £5 range the pagan and gothic jewellery sells well everywhere, and for the over £10 range, Rogann's sea chests and looms also sell very well.

Cata says that it is important for both herself and her partner to keep alive the historical heritage of English and British culture within their hobby and their business, thus gaining a better understanding of what they do and who they are.

Not so long ago the great British oak tree played a great part in the building of our country. Many parts of the world looked to Britain to lead the way in trade, an industry which now sadly has been lost (along with many other traditional crafts once common on the high street) with the onset of the industrial revolution and the resulting international import of third world goods. Cata strongly believes that the increasingly throwaway society in which we now live has become too set in its ways and the resulting impact on green issues and global recession can only be a negative one. By encouraging people to buy British made items and second-hand quality items at a fair price we can turn the tide and support the key issues of today. Research shows this idea is already successful in the food industry.

Rogann and Cata are Viking and Celtic Saxon re-enactors within the Viking society Vikingsonline.org.uk. For a number of years within this time Cata says they have seen a big increase in traders and their prices. She feels that although many craftsmen are very skilled within their craft, a lot of the prices people cannot afford. Cata continues that so many times they have also seen a lot of traders selling goods to beginners within the Vikings which are not authentic and by the time they have bought something, it is too late.

Rogann and Cata have decided over several months to try and combine their knowledge and skill to bring together such crafts as can be affordable even for a beginner. As time goes on and more money is available to them, they hope to produce more variety in re-enactment goods.

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