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Stallholder Profile - Happy Bottom Books - Children's Books By Author & Publisher Heather Chamberlain
Posted on: 12.01.2015 by Happy Bottom Books
'Major Payne in Happy Bottom Books - Written In Humorous Rhyme, With Each Verse Featuring A Chapter In The Story, Are Unique.'
Nationwide | 12.01.2015

An Introduction to Happy Bottom Books By Author & Publisher Heather Chamberlain

Happy Bottom Books was launched in October 2013 after the publication of Major Payne in Happy Bottom - Fowl Deeds and Feathers. As both author of the series and publisher, I've been fortunate to have had the pleasure in working with the brilliant Robin Edmonds. Much time and effort has been devoted to character creation. Robin has captured the essence of my vision for Happy Bottom to perfection, and his humorous illustrations have brought the characters to life. 

Major Payne in Happy Bottom books - written in humorous rhyme, with each verse featuring a chapter in the story, are unique. The series is a trilogy and Fowl Deeds and Feathers begins with Major Payne inheriting his uncle Derry Ayre's Happy Bottom and concludes with the war against crows.

Inspired by Dorset place names, these wacky, humorous rhymes, aim to stimulate creativity as well as the enjoyment of reading in young children. I have set up an interactive website where children can contact me and upload their drawings to the gallery. 

Recently I commissioned the making of Woofbot, the Majors dog, into a life-size puppet. I now have *the cat, Fireside, and mice, Panic and Scurry, as props, too. They've proved very popular when I go into schools as an author.

Major Payne in Happy Bottom - Fowl Deeds and Feathers

The first in a series targeted at 6 - 9 year olds, but it's illustrations and humorous rhyme have struck a chord with the young at heart, 60 - 90 years olds too!

Inspired by Dorset place names, these wacky, humorous rhymes, aim to stimulate creativity as well as the enjoyment of reading in young children. The arrival of a letter rousing dreams of a new life in the country, is met with jubilation. Far from the discovery of a rose covered cottage, however, Major Payne is forced to do battle with the locals; defeat a bad tempered cockerel and declare WAR on the crows! In the mockery and madness that follows, only one thing is certain: Major Payne's life will never be the same again! Fowl Deeds and Feathers, the first in the Happy Bottom series, with its word play, comic verse and hilarious illustrations, will amuse even the most reluctant reader.

Major Payne in Happy Bottom - Mishaps and Mayhem

In Mishaps and Mayhem, the second book in the wacky humorous Happy Bottom trilogy, you will discover how Major Payne attempts to defeat the crows. Wally continues to add to his woes, a 'shell shocked' jeep takes him to within an inch of his life and a 'Bargain buy' tractor proves to be not so cheap. Hilarious illustrations bring both characters and events to life, in this amusing sequel to Fowl Deeds and Feathers. Written in comic verse, fun and adventure meets danger and disaster and no-one can predict where it will end…

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