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Stallholder Profile - Aisle Runners UK - Walk Up The Aisle In Style
Posted on: 26.01.2015 by Aisle Runners UK
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Stallholder Profile - Aisle Runners UK - Walk Up The Aisle In Style

Aisle Runners UK is owned by a mother and daughter team. Mrs Sara has been a seamstress for over 30 years making all kinds of products from ballerina dresses, wedding dresses, chair covers and lots of other products. Her daughter Donna has been dressing venues for over 12 years for couples wedding day. One day a customer asked if they would make an aisle runner for her. Lots of people who saw the aisle runner loved it and through word of mouth lots of other future brides started to ask for them to make an aisle runner for them. So that is how Aisle Runners UK started. So with over 40 years combined experience you know you are getting quality at very affordale prices.

Who Walks On The Aisle Runner ?

The aisle runner is for the bride and the bridal party alone. In most instances the center aisle in the church is blocked off, often by satin ribbon to keep guests from walking down it. Guests are escorted from the outside of the two seating areas aside the aisle where the bridal party and bride will enter for the ceremony.There are two different occasions when the aisle runner can be rolled down the aisle: It can be done before any guests arrive and in that instance the center aisle is blocked off so that no one can walk on it. The satin ribbon, or whatever is being used to block the way, is removed just before the bridal party begins its procession. The second instance is when designated individuals (usually ushers) roll it out as an announcement that the attendants are about to enter the area and the ceremony is about to begin. 


Traditionally, a white aisle runner is used for a wedding, as it symbolizes a "pathway of purity." Historically, the first aisle runners were placed down as a protection for the bride and groom. It was believed that evil spirits lived under the church floor and that the aisle runner would protect the bride and groom as they walked down the aisle. Later, it was thought to merely create a clean area for the bride to walk upon. In early days, when roads were not paved, guests could track in a lot of dirt and mud.


It is customary to roll the aisle runner from the front (altar) of the church to the back, where the bride and her party will enter. For more informal weddings, when the ceremony may not be held in a church, the aisle runner helps to define the entrance of the bride.

Aisle Runners have a wonderful selection of colours and sizes to choose from so please do visit our Stall & Craft Collective page here for further information or visit us at our website :  www.aislerunnersuk.co.uk

Thank You

Aisle Runners UK

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