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Black and White Flower Felted Necklace

Price: £15.00
Product Details

Black and white necklace, with large felt flower embellished.

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Free returns.
Products for Sale by Susan Pearson

Red and Orange Felted Scarf onto Silk Chiffon

Price: £28.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Dark red and bright orange, nuno-felted onto silk chiffon.

Very Long Narrow Scarves

Price: £32.00
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Nuno-felted onto silk chiffon.

Hand Felted Pashminas

Price: £35.50
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Hand felted, incorporating pieces of fabric, in various designs and colours and weights.

Decorated Felt Bead Rings

Price: £10.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Decorated felt beads on pre-formed bases.

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