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Beach Vibe Resin Wall Art

Seller: AJR Creative
Price: £25.00
Product Details
Beautiful beach vibe heart pictures. Made on wooden hearts using sand and shells collected from my local beach. These pictures are designed to depict waves hitting the shore.
Evri: £2.60 (+£1.00 each additional item)
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Returns accepted within 14 days
Products for Sale by AJR Creative

Wax melts

Price: £2.65
Delivery From: £2.60
Delivery & Returns Policy
Stunning marbled wax melt snap bars in a variety of scents. I also produce plain wax melt snap bars with petals, scoopie jars and floral wax displays. Snap bars are priced at £2.65 each, scoopie..

Resin Keyrings

Price: £3.50
Delivery From: £2.60
Delivery & Returns Policy
Stunning resin keyrings. These can be personalised with any name, colour and design.

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