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'A Carefully Put Together Array Of Craft And Holistic Stalls To Fill All Your Senses With Pleasure And Wonder'- Somerset
Posted on: 04.04.2015 by Chrystal Clear Holistic Events
'The Holistic Approach To Life Means The Consideration Of The Complete Person, Physically, Psychologically, Socially, And Spiritually, Looking At Our 'Whole' Selves And Taking Care Of Our Individual Needs'
Somerset | 04.04.2015

Chrystal Clear Holistic Events for 2015 

Taunton Holistic & Craft Weekend – 18th & 19th April 2015

The Castle Hotel, Castle Green, Taunton, TA1 1NF

This will be our 3rd Holistic & Craft weekend at this beautiful Venue!!

Our Charity we will be supporting for this event is St. Margaret’s Hospice, a wonderful local charity which is committed to providing specialist palliative care, advice, support & respite to patients and their families living in Somerset and parts of their neighbouring counties.

Parking is available at the Castle Hotel as well as many car parks throughout the town centre with many free on the Sunday.

All workshops, talks, readers and therapies are on the ground floor, disabled access to 1st floor would be via stairlift only. Please ask for assistance on entry.

Our highly sought after and trusted readers will be available throughout the weekend for advice and guidance - Angie Kruger (Sat only) – £20 for 20mins or £30 for 30mins,  Sandra Darbyshire – £25 for 30mins,  Hilary Miles – £25 for 30mins,  Teagan Craig £20 for 15mins or £35 for 30mins, Christina Penn £25 for 25mins,  Nicky Gard (Sun only) – £20 for 30mins, & Steven Jewell £15 -15mins, £30 – 30mins Some pre bookings are available, we will also have plenty available on the day!

The private and tranquil healing room will be as warm and magical as ever with our highly trained and much loved therapists offering all kinds of wonderful treatments to take you to a very relaxing place.

Holistic Therapies – Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stones Massage, Reflexology – Full hour and Half hour treatments available – Prices between – £15- £25 by our lovely Sian Casemore.

Reiki Healing with Jackie Morant on Saturday & Angela Kelly on Sunday – £15 for 30 mins.

Therapeutic & Medical Muscle Therapy with Patrick Barber - Qi Gong healing, acupressure & Chinese head massage, Thai therapeutic & medical massage, Thai foot massage – 30 mins – £25.00, 60mins – £45.00

Jay Carpenter - Will be offering healing treatments using Andara crystals as these are a soul enhancing high vibrational healing tool that works on all levels, physical, emotional and spiritual. This process will create a unique healing experience. 30 minute appointments at a cost of £20 per session.

Cranial Sacral Therapy with Paul Harland Titmuss – ( Sat Only ) Aids acute physical problems like headaches or back aches, or long standing problems both physical and emotional – £15 for 30 mins.

Reflexology with Emma Finch – Great for relieving stress & tension for promoting good & restful sleep, improving both the blood & lymphatic systems, improving mood & general wellbeing. 20mins – £10, 30mins – £15     45mins – £20    60mins – £25.00

Shamanic Healing with Laurie McNeill - Laurie McNeill is a person just like you. She approaches life and healing work from the shamanic perspective that everything and everyone has a visible, physical self and an invisible, energetic or spirit self. The two are in constant interplay (as they are actually not two, but one), and it is the invisible which has the greater impact. Laurie’s healing work, done in partnership with invisible allies and guides, is with the energetic, invisible self. This may involve removal of heavy energy, retrieval of lost or missing energy, soul retrieval or healing work involving your connection to the family and ancestral line – whatever is called for in the moment. This healing is for you and not for anyone else. There may be homework. A session can last from 45 minutes to an hour and a bit (this weekend scheduled at 1-hour intervals) and costs £35.

Ayurvedic Foot Massage, Aromatherapy Massage & Indian Head Massage with Ce Marshall – Relaxing & Rejuvenating massage of your feet & lower legs with particular emphasis on marma energy £15 – 30mins or £25 for 60mins.

Sunday Only – Pippa Handley Cooke - Will be offering taster experiences with sound for positive transformation ( 2 x tuning fork frequencies on the front of the body in preparation) before the magical singing chair, provides massage with sound. 20 minute experience for £10.

Hypnotherapy taster sessions with Toni Williams - Toni will be giving a talk about Hypnotherapy and will have some free cd’s available for you!

Speaking Tree books, Greenscents cleaning products, Neals Yard, Juice Plus, Crystals and gifts from the gorgeous 5 Quarters of Dunster, Hand Made Cards from the lovely Sam Murrell. Penny Jones – Aurbic Art, People4ponies Fairtrade charity stall, RSPB charity stall, Forever living, Hand made beautiful jewellery by Fi McKnight, stunning artwork by Louise Coleman, incredible stoneware from Marbles & Stones, Holistic Shop Soulsenses, Faerie hair strands by Tara Fae, Gorgeous Angels with June Turner, Mike & Swe Swe and their much loved array of gongs, instruments and alike, Ros Simons and her beautifully made ceremonial tools amongst other lovely items, Leanne Carpenter will be offering Soul Portraits & stunning jewellery, Jewelz Malina – Upcycled stunning artwork, Enchantment by Claire Wilks plus many more!!!

Free Workshops & Talks - Saturday 18th April – Marquee in the Secret Garden

11am – Alex Simson – Healing Story - Using a traditional storytelling and a unique combination of therapeutic and training skilss, Alex will provide a unique and enjoyable way to explore themes and issues important to you.

12pm – Angie Kruger – Working with Spirit is Natural - just a few exercises to help connect for mediumship.

1pm – Alex Simson – Healing Story – Using a traditional storytelling and a unique combination of therapeutic and training skills, Alex will provide a unique and enjoyable way to explore themes and issues important to you.

2pm – Steve Darch – The Healing Power of Natural Breathing.

3 – 4.30pm – Trevor Emdon -“The Law Of Attraction’s Missing Instructions -Why doesn’t “The Secret” – or the law of attraction as it’s more commonly known – seem to work for so many people?

This was the question Trevor Emdon, a trained psychiatric nurse and psychotherapist, desperately wanted the answer to – for purely selfish reasons! He was often lonely, in debt and unhappy inside. He worried a lot and thought life would pass him by before he’d ever had chance to realise a single dream.  Today, he is a success coach with clients all over the world, a bestselling author and creator of numerous empowering self-help programs. He is also very happily married and has successfully lived without a day job since the end of 2013 trusting that money will show up whenever it’s needed. (Which so far, it always has!) In this powerful talk, Trevor will reveal his secrets and show you why the mainstream teaching about the law of attraction doesn’t work and the simple steps you can take to make it work for you consistently and reliably. Don’t miss this one – it’s likely to be a full house!”

Free Workshops & Talks in the Snug – Saturday 18th April (limited spaces)

11am – Toni Williams – Facts about Hypnotherapy – Describing the benefits and how hypnotherapy works.

12pm – Chris Guyon – “Extraordinary things happen to ordinary people” – We all go about getting on with life and not realising that there is SO much more going on around us. Chris hopes that by the end of her talk she will have opened up your eyes to the wonderful events that are happening around you all the time and that there is no such thing as coincidence!

1pm – Teagan Craig – Ancient Symbols used for personal empowerment. Teagan will cover the History of the runes, Norse mythology, 21st century Runes, how divination is done and an in depth look at some Runes. Teagan is a well-established Rune Reader in Glastonbury. She has a passion for helping people transform and empower their lives through Runic symbols. – This talk is an introduction to the Runes and how they can be used effectively in our times. One to one readings will be available throughout the weekend with Teagan, or you can book an online reading or one in Glastonbury.

2pm – Laurie McNeill -Workshop: Shamanism and the Healing Voice of the Drum – A (brief) introduction to shamanism as a way of encountering the world and to shamanic healing, incorporating a drum healing session in group format. Participants have an opportunity to be “under the drum” and to participate in each other’s healing. All requests for healing will remain anonymous and confidential.

3pm - Jane Duggleby - Trail to Gonging

Free Workshops & Talks – Sunday 19th April – Marquee in the Secret Garden

11am – Ros Simons -Awaiting Full Description

12pm – Jane Fishlock - Angel Workshop – Working with the angelic light to bring you upliftment and empowerment. An interactive hour full of fun, teaching and sacred energy. Push past the fear to realise your potential, use the angelic energy in meditation to release old stuck patterns to improve your mind, body & soul.

1pm – Thea Holly – Light – How to use the energy of light for healing, personal development and guidence.

2pm – Pete Hamblin – Philosophy - A Journey through life – In trying to understand my journey I asked for help; not from anyone in particular although I did mention God, if he or she existed. My encounters with death as a firefighter had got me thinking but the Love thing just confused me. The question soon became ‘who am I’? And then ‘why am I who I am’? The Dalai Lama quoted; “People take different roads seeking fulfilment and happiness. Just because they’re not on your road does not mean they are lost” That helped me! Einstein quoted; “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous” That’s when I really got it. That’s what I would like to share with you.

3pm – Jane Duggleby – How the Universe Grabbed me!

4pm – Mandy Bennett – Dowsing for Health – Discover how you can use dowsing to help enhance your health.

Free Workshops & Talks in the Snug – Sunday 19th April (limited spaces)

11am – Christina Penn – Spiritual Teacher/Numerologist – Christina will talk about how she helps people to get in touch with their souls journey, so that you can understand the life you have and link to spirit. Numerology has given Christina the insight to life’s vibration and energy, she was born with the gift of mediumship and has been a pagan as for as long as she can remember and works with spirit on a healing level.

12pm – Steven Jewell – Opening up your psychic abilities – this short workshop is for those who are interested in developing their intuition. You will be taught how to raise your awareness to sense things of a higher vibration. We will explore meditation, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, psychometry & divination cards as a way to focus & trust your own psychic abilities.

1pm – Andrea Brown – Working with Crystals

2pm – Mandy Bennett – Talk – Dowsing explained and some of its applications, from everyday uses of dowsing in the home, to dowsing for gems, water, archaeology and sacred sites.

There will be plenty of scrumptious cakes to enjoy –  Tea/Coffee & Cake in the Bow Bar – £3 per person & delicious 2 x course set menu available in Brazz restaurant £10 per person!

So make a note of the date in your diary and we will see you soon!

Dunster Holistic & Craft Weekend 14th & 15th November 2015

Tithe Barn, Priory Green, Dunster, TA24 6RD

The beautiful restored barn originally part of a Benedictine Priory is set in one of the most beautiful and most perfectly preserved mediaeval villages in the country with origins dating back to the bronze and Iron ages. The village of Dunster is in Somerset within the Exmoor National Park. With it’s Castle, Yarn Market, Tithe Barn and a wealth of listed buildings, Dunster is a favourite destination for many tourists.

Enjoy a warm welcome and free workshops & talks throughout the weekend. A beautiful array of stalls & exhibitors, an enchanting and tranquil healing room with therapists offering a variety of relaxing treatments. Highly sought after readers and mediums to offer you guidance and support.

Entrance is £2.50 with a percentage being given to our local MIND charity as well as all the proceeds from the prize draw for the weekend – some amazing prizes being donated!!

All guests will be given a card to take along to the participating shops, restaurants and cafes in Dunster village for this weekend which will give you a 10% discount – perfect for some early christmas shopping!

PARKING FOR THE EVENT – As you enter Dunster Village there is a substantial pay and display car park to your left before the visitors centre and then a short walk round to the Tithe Barn. There is also pay & display parking at Dunster Castle and some limited parking spaces around the village. There is parking available at The Tithe barn but this is very limited.

Please visit our website for more information www.crystalclearholistic.com

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