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18 inch Antique Gold Anastacia Necklace

Price: £30.00
Product Details
This is made using hematite beads and drops, including St. Petersburg stitch and each one of the collection is unique due the colours available. These are 18" Necklaces which are suitable for all occasions including balls and other events both formal and informal and for all special events.
Royal Mail first class: £5.00 (+£5.00 each additional item)
Delivery & Returns Policy
We reserve the right to only repair and we have to make charge because of getting materials for making a repair
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Antique Roses Superduo Peyote Bracelets

Price: £15.00
Delivery From: £5.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
These bracelets are made with Superduo beads which are tow hole beads using a stitch called peyote, and once you get into the flow or zone you find yourself creating some wonderful colours and designs..

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