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'I Have An Irresistible Offer For All Stall & Craft Collective Customers' - Malcolm Tilsed
Posted on: 07.11.2016 by Greenbox Management Limited
'I Don't Know What's Happening In Your Business. But I Do Know, Far Too Many Businesses Get Caught Up In This Mindset. And It Holds Them Back'
Training | 07.11.2016
 'I Have An Irresistible Offer For All Stall & Craft Collective Customers' - Malcolm Tilsed

Hi Business Owner

Do you want to Drive your business to the next level?

OK Let me guess what’s happening in your business this week.

Halloween is over, so the jack-o-lanterns are in the bin…and the Christmas tree is up.

Admit it! The baubles and lights are dusted off, the snow spray is on the windows, and you’re already wondering who your Secret Santa is.

Am I right? (Or is that next week?)

There’s nothing wrong with this, of course. It’s only natural that we all look forward to a well-earned break at the end of a busy year.

But its a little dangerous too. Because with it comes the idea that 2016 is over bar the shouting…that we can coast through to Christmas, and resolve to “make a concerted effort in January”.

I dont know whats happening in your business. But I do know, far too many businesses get caught up in this mindset. And it holds them back.

See, it’s only the start of November. Even allowing for an early finish, a whole week before Santa comes, we’ve still got over 6 weeks to make this a better year for your business.

And as you know, you can achieve a lot in 6 weeks. You can give your sales a final push, and still make plans for January.

How? Well, I’d start by gathering up all your unconverted sales leads: all the cancelled appointments, pending decisions, even the rejections…then give them one last chance to solve their problem in time for Christmas.

Assuming you can turn things around in time, focus them on the emotional value your product or service will give them over the festive season. That might be the fun or convenience it brings, or just the peace of mind that comes with knowing a weight has been lifted…making life after Christmas more bearable.

That’s an easy win, because you’re selling something that customers are already thinking about: as one wise marketer said, joining the conversation that’s already going on in their heads.

Do that well, and you’ll fill your order book even if this is traditionally a slow season in your business.

And as for making future plans? Well, let me ask you this:

How would you like to get rid of the slow seasoneffect next year?

To control the feast and famine, by creating a constant flow of new opportunities?

It might seem impossible: the market’s always quiet in August, or December, or whenever…but there is a way to overcome it.

You just need a system that runs throughout the year, seeking out potential customers and breaking down their defences.

The answer The Greenbox Social Media Course for Business

Devote most of your time to nurturing these prospects, and through most of the year the leads will follow naturally. Then, when the seasonal dip comes, you’ve got a willing audience that just needs a wake-up call – so move in with an irresistible offer and plug the gaps.

Its that simple – I have an irresistible offer for all Stall & Craft Collective customers, a Social Media for Business Online Training Course that will help you focus getting you leads and a focus for your business.

So, if you’ve got one eye on January, this is my suggestion…

Our approved winning training strategy that helps with the challenges in your business.

Email malcolm@greenboxmanagement.com and come and get £50 off as a special gift as a Stall & Craft Customer. The Greenbox Social Media Course for Business, Save £50 (normally £149 plus vat for November only just £99 plus vatDo nothing (and expect next year to be the same as this).…Or take ACTION today

To get your course just email malcolm@greenboxmanagement.com

or call Malcolm on 01268 680 834 or 07889 003 002

To extraordinary success,

Malcolm Tilsed

Managing Director

Greenbox Management Limited

Author of “How to Get FREE PR for Your Business"

Get YOUR FREE Copy with every

Social Media Course for Business ordered

T: 01268 680 834 or 07889 003 002

W: www.greenboxmanagement.com

E: malcolm@greenboxmanagement.com

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