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Zoetrope Kits Victorian Toy various designs

Price: £4.00
Product Details

Light can play trick on eyes and this model does exactly that. We know that the pictures inside the drum are still pictures, but when the drum is turned the animals and characters appear to move. A Victorian toy in kit form - our kit consists of: A4 Pictures on paper, A4 black card, 3 wooden cogs, a corex disc, a straw and a wooden stick with instructions.

3 types of pictures available : Superhero / Ostrich / Cat with Bird / roly poly

Please state if there is a preference. Otherwise anyone will be sent from stock

Delivery & Returns Policy
Items will be sent within approx 48 hours of receipt of the order. Free of Charge in th UK.

If any item are damaged we are happy to replace the item if the buyer returns the damaged item with 14 days (buyer to pay for return postage) on receipt I will be happy to replace it free of charge.
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