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Wind powered car - science kit

Price: £9.00
Product Details
Our kit designed by us is a lot of fun to build and race.

The motor is powered by 2 x AA batteries (not supplied) which are hidden in a battery box with a switch. When switch to ‘on’ the propeller spins fast and drives the car along. Easy to build kit complete with coloured card sides, balsa framework, (The original plastic wheels have been replaced by the card wheels - less friction) which make the car go better, battery box, motor and propeller and instructions.

Try running the wheels over different surfaces (friction)
Delivery & Returns Policy
All kits are checked before posting.

If the contents of the box is damaged, please return the whole thing to mewithin 14 days (your cost with postage) and I will send another box to you free of charge
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Kaleidoscope kit - science kit

Price: £7.00
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This small model available from us is easy to build and is fun to make. It comes as a kit with instructions to build. (Consists of: Plastic mirror scored into 3 parts, 3 wooden cog wheels, support square..

Phenakistoscope science kit - animation toy

Price: £8.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
This toy was one of the first optical toys to create a true sense of motion. The Phenakistascope or spindle viewer was invented in 1831 by Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau and simultaneously in Vienna..

Solar Powered Windmill - science toy kit

Price: £9.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
This is a craft item combining circuits and a solar cell. The kit comprises of A4 card templates to make the body, a corex base, wires, motor, propeller and instructions. Decorate to you own liking...

Zoetrope Science Kits - Victorian style Toy

Price: £5.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Light can play trick on eyes and this model does exactly that. We know that the pictures inside the drum are still pictures, but when the drum is turned the animals and characters appear to move. A Victorian..