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Sweet/Chocolate Bouquets For All Occasions

Price: £18.00
Product Details

Bouquets can be made in many different colours and themes, and personalised to sut any occasion or event.

They can be all chocolate, or all sweets or a mixture of both.

They can be personalised to the recipients favourite treats

Personalised to the recipients favourite theme such as Frozen, Call of Duty, My Little Pony. Spiderman, Turtles, etc

Balloons and tags can be added, as can small gifts

Hand delivered locally: £300.00 (+£8.00 each additional item)
Delivery & Returns Policy
No returns due to the nature of the product
Products for Sale by Kazelle Krafts

Sweet Cones

Price: £2.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Cone shaped bag filled with various coloured millions, haribo's jelly's, fizzy haribo's jellys and various different marshmallows. Tided with curling ribbon to suit any occasion.

Chocolate Cones, Party Bags, Wedding Favours

Price: £3.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Cone filled with assorted chocolate such as twix, vice versa, twirl bites, galaxy counters, maltesers, aero bubbles, milk buttons, milky bar buttons, mars etc. Finished of with ribbons to suit any occasion..

Chocolate and Marshmallow Kebab

Price: £1.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Round marshmallows half dipped in chocolate, then arranged alternately on a plastic stick, and decorated with whimps of white chocolate. Bagged and ribbons to suit any occasion.

Chocolate Lolly - Variety of Characters

Price: £120.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
Chocolate lolly comes in milk, white and dark chocolate a variety of characters feel free to ask .