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Pyrographed Stonehenge plaque

Price: £25.00
Product Details
Hand crafted plaque with pyrographed detail of Stonehenge under full moon, on *'rescued' wood (from Flag Fen archaeology park near Peterborough).

*Wood from pollarding/coppicing or woodland management operations
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Item will be dispatched within two to three working days from receipt of payment.

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Products for Sale by Jack In The Green

"Mark of Cain" plaque

Price: £12.00
Delivery From: £3.35
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"Mark of Cain" symbol (as seen on the TV Series Supernatural) pyrographed on recycled wood, with eco-friendly varnish and hand-plaited sisal hanging string

Handcrafted Blackthorn Wood Athame

Price: £26.00
Delivery From: £3.35
Delivery & Returns Policy
100% unique, hand-crafted 'Athame' carved from a piece of Blackthorn wood, with pyrographed decoration; Triple Goddess symbol (Maiden/Mother/Crone) with Pentacle on one side and the Horned God symbol..

Handcrafted Recycled Wood Miniature 'Tudor' Style

Price: £60.00
Delivery From: £3.35
Delivery & Returns Policy
Hand-crafted mini Tudor style house; Each individual piece of recycled wood is cut by hand and fixed in place to create a 100% unique house, which has a removable back to allow either a tea-light or fairy..

Handcrafted Birch Log Goddess Votive Candle Holder

Price: £15.00
Delivery From: £3.35
Delivery & Returns Policy
Hand-crafted Birch log with pyrographed detail of classic Goddess image, and recess on the top for a votive candle. Treated with eco-varnish.