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Mosaic Bird Baths

Price: £50.00
Product Details
Beautiful Mosaic Bird Bath that the Birds and Bees will love !

The birds will love splashing around in this glittering Bird Bath.

Handmade by me, this bath is made from terracotta, tile and glass.

The mosaic is finished with a tinted waterproof grout to give it a lovely effect.

The Bird Bath is 25cm/9.75in.

It has been made with cut glass, glass nuggets and many different vitreous tiles which are all weather proof. The colours are mixed complimenting each other with a lovely glass flower as the centre piece.

This bird bath would look great in any garden adding colour as a feature ornament on a patio. Ideal for birds to bathe in and other wildlife to drink from depending if you have it sitting on the ground or in a stand. I have used a simple tomato planter, but a pedestal would look lovely or an upturned terracotta plant pot (the listing is for saucer only).

Certainly a perfect gift for anyone who loves their garden and watching the birds of all seasons.

I can make the bird bath to order in any colours, so please do send me a message for custom orders.

Bird Baths might differ slightly as original picture as they are hand made, but the colour and design will be the same.

Thankyou for visiting my shop.
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