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Man Cave Sign on Recycled Wood

Price: £9.99
Product Details
This man cave sign is made from a cut down recycled scaffold board. It is handpainted in acrylic paint with a picture of a boot. The boot represents the hard work Dad's do, whether paid work or working to fix, mend, make and repair things.

Dimensions 22.2cm x 3.5cm x 28.2cm

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Products for Sale by Akasha Artisan

Pink Floral Coat Rack with Two Door Knobs

Price: £10.00
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This coat rack is hand painted in large, pink flowers on a recycled scaffold board using acrylic paints. It is finished with two Fair Trade door knobs for hanging coats, scarves, dog leads, aprons, utensils..

Abstract Art in Pink, Purple and Grey

Price: £6.99
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A small, original abstract artwork that features a trendy geometric design in pink, purple and grey. The artwork is painted on a canvas frame and is hand painted in watercolours. This artwork's contemporary..

Coat Hanger Jewellery Holder in Jungle Design

Price: £4.50
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This jewellery holder is made from a recycled coat hanger with a decoupage jungle design and 10 hooks. Keep your valuables together in one place with this simple but practical solution for small spaces..

Recycled Coat Hanger With Two Tin Can Planters

Price: £4.50
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Planter made from recycled coat hanger, tin cans and rope. The coat hanger is hand painted and the tin cans have been covered in a decoupage design featuring newspaper cuttings. The succulents pictured..