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Glass Pendant

Price: £5.00
Product Details
A very unusual large glass pendant on a 36 inch thin suede cord. Purple glass pendant that would make a perfect gift and look good with any outfit. I did try putting this pendant on a chain but thought it was a little too heavy, although on the cord it's the perfect weight to wear comfortably. Paypal only.
Delivery & Returns Policy
I will only accept returns if the goods have not been used or damaged by the buyer.
Products for Sale by Violets and Lace Crafts

Rose Pendant

Price: £3.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
A Rose Pendant on a 24 inch chain. Costume Jewellery. Would look pretty on any outfit. Comes in a pretty little gift bab.

Sterling Silver Guardian Angel Pendant

Price: £3.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
A sterling silver Guardian Angel on an 18 inch chain. Will come in a pretty little net gift bag.

Magical Christmas Treasury

Price: £1.50
Delivery & Returns Policy
Magical Christmas Treasury is brand new and straight from the publisher. Would make the perfect Christmas gift for any child.

Tassel Ear-Rings for Pierced Ears

Price: £2.00
Delivery & Returns Policy
A pair of long grey tassel ear-rings for pierced ears. Made from synthetic silk. Great fun to wear and would grace any outfit. Costume jewellery only